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The art of the craftsman with the power of innovation

Andreas and Thomas Galloni have been running their tradition-based firm since 1991. They are following in the footsteps of their father, who founded the company in 1966 to make meat and sausage products with natural ingredients, genuine recipes and unique creations, including gluten- and lactose-free items and foodstuffs that meet organic standards. The two brothers nowadays skilfully blend proven traditions with state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques to create a combination of the Alpine and Mediterranean ways of life that give this land – and this city in particular – a special character. Merano, surrounded by unspoilt, breathtaking natural beauty, stands for authenticity, quality and origin, the perfect setting for craftsmanship and foods that have their own distinctive character. This is the source of the unique specialties produced by Galloni.


We are committed to a tradition of craftsmanship in the manufacture of our high-quality products. To ensure that the taste and nutrients are retained we demand that production meets strict quality rules. This includes trusted certification of raw materials and suppliers of auxiliary materials, as well as complete control of incoming and outgoing goods. Regular inspections by neutral bodies and our own laboratory also ensure the quality of Galloni products.


Our South Tyrolean SPECK P.G.I.

The masterwork of Galloni is our South Tyrol speck P.G.I. (Protected Geographical Indication). Only top-quality materials are approved for our speck production. After the meat is expertly boned, all further processing is carefully done by hand. Our smoking process is especially environmentally and product friendly: quality is ensured by special climatised rooms and an aging period of at least 22 weeks. Sophisticated computer systems check and register all processes, guaranteeing full traceability.


The secret of the taste of the finest Galloni ham includes our father’s recipe, which itself is strictly confidential: he has only ever used selected raw materials and continually refines his own spice mixtures. Vital too are the development of modern manufacturing methods and quality controls that today transform every ham into a little work of art.

A selection of our wide range of products:

  • House ham
  • Gran Baita ham
  • Tyrolean herb ham
  • Prague ham
  • Country ham
  • Suckling pig ham
  • Meraner ham


Drawing on our passion for exceptional quality and freshness, together with our experience and sense of tradition, we produce the finest sausage specialities as cold cuts. The pure taste of pleasure from Galloni.

A selection of our wide range of products:

  • Krakauer sausage
  • Sausage with mushrooms
  • Leberkäse (meat loaf)
  • Ham sausage
  • Sausage with olives
  • Bauernsülze, Schinkensülze (brawn)
  • Lyoner sausage
  • Innsbrucker sausage
  • Liver sausage (classic, with herbs or with mushrooms)
  • Paprika sausage
  • Bierkugel sausage


The finest ingredients, uncompromising quality and excellent taste make our range of sausages into a true speciality of the Galloni company.

A selection of our wide range of products:

  • Meraner house sausage (meat sausage)
  • Grillwurst (barbecue sausage)
  • Cervelat
  • Braunschweiger sausage
  • Bauernwurst (country sausage)
  • Frankfurter
  • Hüttenbratwurst (frying sausage)
  • Münchner Weisswurst (white sausage)


Our salami varieties are a special treat, made according to unique recipes. Distinctive, natural and easy to digest, they have the special quality that marks all products that bear the Galloni name.

A selection of our wide range of products:

  • Meraner house salami
  • Pikantino salami
  • Garlic salami
  • Kaminwurzen (smoked dry sausage)
  • Wild boar salami
  • Venison salami


Excellent, fresh taste and controlled origins to ensure the highest organic and taste quality: these are our priorities in the production of Galloni organic products. Only carefully selected, certified organic raw materials are used, with their origin and nature assured. Maintaining long-term relationships with suppliers and customers is also of great importance to us as part of our commitment to sustainability and fair trade.

All Galloni organic products are tested by leading inspection bodies and organically certified. Controlled from ABCERT Srl (IT BIO 013 BZ-44117-B).

A selection of our wide range of products:

  • Bio country ham
  • Bio Speck Alto Adige PGI
  • Bio Loin ham "Gallonzino"
  • Bio Meraner Salamino
  • Bio Kräuterwurzn (Salamini)


Flexible, fast and reliable

The satisfaction of our customers is very important to us; we thus pay as much attention to exceptional service as to the quality of our products. We can react flexibly to individual customer requirements: Galloni can quickly make changes to products, quantities, delivery dates or packaging sizes, even at short notice. Our trucks leave our premises in Merano several times a week with fresh meat and sausage products for prompt delivery to our customers, both inside and outside South Tyrol.


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